Over 57 Million Americans Qualify for FREE Lifeline Service!

Telecommunication services play a crucial role in our life by keeping us connected to our family, friends, colleagues and people in general. Unfortunately, this service comes with high price. However, telecommunication companies try to minimize this cost by seeking help and support from Lifeline Program to ensure that American public stay connected always. The program aims to serve low-income citizens by providing special discount on telecommunication services.

The Lifeline Program was planned to accommodate customers who deserves better telecommunication services but could not afford it due to high price and expensive packages.

The interesting thing about the lifeline program is that it has been funded by Universal Service Fund (USF) which is maintained by mainstream telecommunication service providers rather than the government. In 2005, lifeline program added wireless services along with telecommunication carriers in this plan and devised a basic plan that each consumer should receive. This basic plan of 250 minutes, 500 text messages and a feature phone must be provided to all citizens for free who cannot afford conventional services.

The Lifeline Program is a hit as more than 2000 telecommunication service providers are delivering these special discounts to deserving consumers throughout the United States of America. You can become a beneficiary of Lifeline Program by choosing as your telecommunication service provider and avail much more than the general basic plan.

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