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CellSpan, Inc is a Lifeline Cell Phone Service provider, working with a vision to provide best cellular services in United States to those who can't afford the conventional cell phone services. Lifeline Cell Phone Service is a part of Universal Service Fund (USF). Currently, we provide Lifeline Wireless Service in Arkansas, Maryland and West Virginia.

Reasons To Choose Lifeline Wireless Service Provider

There are tons of cellular services providing Lifeline services in different states of USA so why should you go for Cell Span, Inc. Well, let us give you reasons to choose Cell Span: Free Cell Phones Provider You can call us free cell phones provider as well because we give a free cell phone as soon as you sign up. According to our different packages, you are eligible to avail a free feature phone if you choose to pay nothing. But another package with minimal fee can also get you a free smartphone.
That's not it; we believe in providing complete liberty to our customers and have given them plenty of options in both feature phones and smartphones. So instead of coping with a phone of our liking, you can take the decision for yourself.

Unlimited Text Messages

Our basic free package provides you limited number of messages that are more than enough for normal usage but if you are into heavy texting, Cell Span has number of other plans that provide unlimited text messages for unbelievable prices.

Amazing Cell Phone Reception

We are reliable Lifeline Cell Phone Service provider and we guarantee great cell phone reception. Don't assume anything just because we are free cell phone service provider. Our services and mobile phone signals are amazing and you won't find any problem in that.

Unlimited Talk Time in amazing price

Similarly to text messages, we have many packages that offer unlimited talk time in really low price. The basic free package gives you minimum 250 minutes to any network.

Expansion in plan

Right now, we are providing services in only 3 states of US but we intend to expand our services to the whole country soon so that people all across the nation can be facilitated by Lifeline Wireless Service enjoy free cell phones.

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