Cell Phone Repair

As you know, CellSpan Wireless provides free cell phone to every new customer. We give our customers free feature phone on our basic package but if anybody chooses a paid package, then our company give a smartphone and remember our paid package is not expensive as compare to the current market rates.

We are there for you as long as you require our services

CellSpan Wireless takes pride in not only giving free cell phone but also making sure that the phone is working fine – it's like a life time commitment. We know that cell phones need repair once in a while because of any accident or mishap. The repair cost is an additional expense and also it is hard to find a cell phone repair expert. Considering this valid concern of our customers, we have come up with an amazing solution.

We offer Lifeline Phone Repair Services for almost any damage

There can be any sort of damage to your cell phone and that's why we have resources to address most common and most unique cell phone damages, like:

Screen Crash

One of the most common things that can happen to a cell phone is screen damage. You might drop your phone accidently and damage your screen. In case, you have a broken screen due to any reason, don't worry; just contact our Lifeline Phone Repair agent. We have complete back up screen solutions for the cell phones we give to you on your signup.

Water Damage

It's possible that you expose your phone to water accidently and water damage is very dangerous for any phone as it hurts your device on many levels. But here again our expert Lifeline Phone Repair agents can tackle anything.

Keypad issues/Software malfunctioning

Another issues that your cell phone might end up having is keypad problem or software malfunctioning. It could happen due to any reason – a bad fall or a harmful virus. Here again our Lifeline Phone Repair agents will be effective.

If we can't repair it, we will replace it

Despite our expert Lifeline Phone Repair agents have all the solutions imaginable but if you have broken your phone beyond repair then we will provide you a replacement. It will cost you a minimum amount but we will make sure to send you a replacement as soon as possible.
If you have any query regarding our repair process, call us or send us an email here, we will get back to you immediately.

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